Peace and elegance

Ristorante Da Giovannino is in the most beautiful location of the Como Lake, on the Malgrate lakeside, and offers a unique and exciting view all year round.
Already featured in the first red Michelin Guide in 1956, the restaurant faces the lake with a great window which offers an unparalleled view every day.
The summer features an outdoor terrace, and the design furniture offers an elegant and convivial atmosphere.
Specially made tailored curtains, made with wire and canvas, create private spaces which are ideal for private events or work dinners, without forsaking the incomparable view.
Ristorante da Giovannino is an excellent place to relax, enjoying some good food and good wine.



The restaurant boasts a long history, as it was established in the second half of the 19th century by combining hotel hospitality with dining. Initially located within the Hotel Promessi Sposi, it was gradually made independent by creating a pergola on the lake which in time turned into a veranda and, finally, a standalone restaurant.
After being closed for a few years, it was reopened by Fabio Dadati and his wife Sabrina Frigerio, owners of the Casa sull’Albero and the Hotel Promessi Sposi in Malgrate, in March 2017. From January 2020, Filippo Colombo joined the team as a restaurant manager, and though young, he has been able to add a great value due to his twenty years’ experience.


The philosophy of “Lake Como East Side”, the small group that reopened the historic restaurant and is made up of the “boutique & design hotel” La Casa sull’Albero and the Hotel Promessi Sposi, a 4 star luxury hotel, can be simply defined by the Japanese word “Shibumi”, which defines discreet beauty, care for detail, desire to serve, care, the extreme pleasure in doing one’s job.
This all comes together in a catering offer that in some way can be considered as going against all trends, because its uniqueness is the source of its inspiration.


We have our feet well planted on the ground, and our eyes get lost in the beauty of this land, where the Ristorante da Giovannino is located, “that branch of the Como lake that looks to the East”, authentic, still strong against the invasion of mass tourism that characterizes our age. We are the deep lake, blue and green, that makes its way between the high mountains like a fjord, and then turns into a river and then a lake once more. We are the valleys where hard working and generous people lie, we have the spirit of the mountains and the spirit of Brianza, with its gentle slopes speckled by streams and smaller lakes. We are the literature on the pages of Alessandro Manzoni, we are the monuments that rise up to the beautiful abbey of San Pietro al Monte, the mills that echo the history of the past centuries, we are the “tirabagia”, the best producers of wire in the world, we are this land and these peoples. Places and stories worthy of being known.



  • Poached egg, tomato and Parmesan cheese / € 14,00
  • Sea bream, white melon and cucumber gazpacho, vermouth gel / € 16,00
  • Veal Caprese, burrata cheese, courgettes and confit datterini tomatoes / € 15,00
  • Bread, tuna and tomato/ € 15,00
  • Brisaola from the gastronomic workshop MA! of Madesim / € 14,00


  • Green buffalo candies, red prawn tartare, its bisque and wakame seaweed / € 16,00
  • Fresh tagliolini with yolk, rabbit ragout, Taggiasca olives and fennel butter / € 15,00
  • Our tomato pasta with wholemeal spaghetti Cav. Giuseppe Cocco, Cobarino tomato sauce / € 13,00
  • Rice with perch fillets / € 15,00
    (Original recipe of the Lecco tradition: Perch fillets breaded and cooked in butter, sautéed boiled rice with sage, butter and Grana Padano)

Main courses

  • Turbot, broad beans and peas / € 21.00
  • Softly cooked veal rump, potato cream and cherry mustard / € 19.00
  • Light carpione of whitefish, crunchy vegetables and raspberry vinegar / € 18.00
  • Beef fillet with potato pastry / € 24.00
  • Round of veal with tuna sauce, capers and anchovies / € 14.00


  • Coffee, lemon and coconut / € 7.00
  • Burnt chocolate cream / € 7.00
  • Our fresh moscato zabaglione with red fruits / € 7.00
  • Strawberries, cashew crumble and fiordilatte ice cream / € 7.00
  • Homemade sorbet of the day / € 6.00